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 Telephone SystemseOn MillenniumMillennium Features     November 22, 2017  
eOn Systems Millennium Digital Communications Platform


Engineering an effective solution for your particular application requirements is the most challenging aspect of building any communications center. The second is "future-proofing" your investment. eOn’s Millennium Systems’ innovative modular hardware design, coupled with the platform’s flexible software, efficiently answers these challenges. Millennium addresses your current business conditions and helps you plan for future growth opportunities by anticipating tomorrow’s technology.

The Millennium Systems’ strength lies in the ability to provide solutions tailored to your business needs. By capitalizing on the flexibility of the system’s software, creative application of Millennium features, and the system’s ability to integrate with other communications products, eOn System’s Millennium family of ISDN switching platforms provides a cost-effective and solution-oriented method for you to outfit your communications center.

Multi-site locations benefit from the flexibility of the system’s call routing capabilities. T-1 and PRI can be used as a conduit to tie several locations together, with the Millennium hub serving as the single point of entry into the company or regional communications center.

Networking systems in this manner, especially when coupled with eOn’s Voice Processing System, allows you to conserve resources and ensure answering and call routing consistency among locations.

Specialized markets such as education, retail, and distribution gain from the Millennium Systems’ reliability, unmatched routing capabilities and data connectivity.

In addition to easing the reality of today’s budgetary constraints, system networking and integration with peripheral products, such as eOn’s Voice Processing Systems and Millennium’s PC attendant console, offer these industries the benefit of multi-media sharing and excellent attention to customer service. The ability to interface with other communications resources affords the opportunity to further take advantage of dynamic system features.

Nearly every business and industry has an opportunity to take advantage of Automatic Call Distribution. However, until now, ACD applications have been out of reach for most small and medium sized business, and those markets with limited budgets. eOn has developed the answer to this situation – an ACD package designed specifically for such applications that is also a standard feature of the Millennium System. Coupled with the system’s superior call routing capabilities and basic reports, as well as available Real Time packages, eOn’s Millennium has an edge on the smaller ACD market.

eOn’s Millennium Systems can grow from 112 to 1024 ports in a building block fashion consisting of 64, 128 or 256 port increments. In another step toward the future, eOn has developed unsurpassed desktop versatility through the various Millennium telephones.


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