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Telecor offers completely integrated server-based PBX solutions that come ready for business, right out of the box. Our VS1 phone system employs industry standard technology to provide reliable, feature-rich telephony solutions. The VS1™ Solution Small- and medium-sized businesses need help realizing big ambitions. A phone system that is sophisticated and easy-to-use goes a long way toward projecting a professional image to your customers. Powerful call handling features such as Automatic Call Distribution, Auto Attendants, Auto Paging, and built-in Voice Mail improve employee efficiency and productivity. Our TAPI-compliant software easily integrates into a Windows® environment, linking to other applications for customer database lookups and screen pops. The VS1 system is scalable up to 192 ports and easily reconfigures so that it can grow along with your business. A Flexible System The VS1 phone system architecture is designed to adapt quickly to market changes and customer requirements. While many manufacturers issue hardware-based upgrades, Telecor's open-system platform and software-driven architecture keeps you up to speed with developing technology. In addition, Telecor’s System Management application for the VS1 enables the system to be accessed remotely. Traditional phone systems simply can't keep pace.

Telcor VS1 Attendant CTI Product Overview

The Telcor VS1 Attendant CTI client application for the Windows® operating system is a powerful primary answering position for a business with high traffic call activity. VS1 Attendant software improves a receptionist’s ability to handle calls and work in other Windows applications between calls. Three call processing windows — Calls, Extensions, and Transfer — provide simple and efficient call handling with a minimal amount of training or experience.

The Calls window indicates incoming calls. Incoming calls are arranged by age with the oldest call listed at the top of the Calls window, and the most recent call at the bottom. If Caller ID is enabled, a dialog box provides caller information. Call Processing buttons simplify and speed operations.

When calls arrive in the Calls window, they can be transferred to the Extensions window using the drag-and-drop feature. The Extensions window provides a directory of extensions and groups, and displays the current status of each including Voice Mail.

The Transfer window interfaces with the Caller Database to assist in transferring calls. The Message feature gives the station user the capability to screen calls and transfer a text message to station displays with each call. Transferring an outside call after the caller's name is entered in the Callers text box automaticaly adds the caller's name to the Caller Database. As the Caller Database grows, a station user can select from the names of previous callers on the list instead of entering a callers name.

Other windows and dialog boxes in VS1 Attendant include:

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) window
  • Auto Attendant (AA) window
  • Conference Rooms window
  • Find Extensions dialog box
  • Greetings window
  • Inside Calls dialog box
  • Outside Calls dialog box
  • Paging Zones window
  • Park Zones window

Telcor VS1 Product Features

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Group Information
  • Away From Desk Option
  • Callers Database
  • Caller ID Name and Number*
  • Call Merging
  • Conference Room Information
  • Display Messaging
  • Drag-and-Drop Features
  • Extension Status Review
  • Greetings Window
  • Parking Zones Window
  • Paging Zones Window
  • Phonebook
  • Resizeable and Arrangeable Layout
  • Voice Mail

* Optional Feature; Some features may be dependent on services from your local telephone company.

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